Alton Towers at Hilton House

Alton Towers

There is something for all thrill seekers and families at Alton Towers – the UK’s most famous theme park,

and it can be reached in just 30 minutes by car from the Hilton House Hotel. With tons of terrific rides, blockbusting attractions, amazing live shows, and weird and wonderful costume characters.

Experience thrills and white-knuckle spills like never before! Alton Tower’s thrill rides will get your adrenalin pumping while you spin in the air, make you face your fears whilst hanging above a vertical drop, and fly above the ground with G-forces greater than a space shuttle launch! If you like thrill rides, you’re in for a treat!

The Hilton House Hotel in Derbyshire provides ideal accommodation for your visit to the Alton Towers Resort and is just 18 miles away. (30 mins by car)