Funerals in Derbyshire at Hilton House

Funerals in Derbyshire

Funerals in Derbyshire at Hilton House.

At the saddest time, when you should be allowed to pay tribute to your loved ones and remember the good times, why not let us make your life a little less complicated after the funerals.

At Hilton House we have plenty of space so that all your well wishers can come back from the funeral and have a sandwich and a cup of tea.

Whether you are having a funerals at St Marys Church at Marston on Dove or a Cremation at Markeaton, we are close enough for your friends and family to find us.

If its a cold or wet day we will have a fire lit to welcome you and hot tea and coffee aplenty.

Its a sad time but we try our best to make this part of the day easier on you.

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